About Us


taxation, probate estates, family wealth succession, estate and asset protection planning, special needs planning


Accounting, Law Degree, and Masters in Taxation 


Over 32 years of experience


We are dedicated to protecting and serving our clients and those who love them. We have found that with law there is one law for the informed and another law for the uninformed. We have also found that those that are uninformed as to the complex rules many times do make informed decisions and make mistakes that cost them time and money.  We dedicate ourselves to educating our clients.  As informed individuals our clients can achieve all of the benefits that the law guarantees.   Our mission also includes making sure that all our actions are in strict accordance to the law and the highest possible moral and ethical standards.

Why us?

We are qualified 

Focus.  Education. Experience.  

Experience you can trust


We focus only in specific practice areas.  We only practice in the areas of taxation, probate estates, family wealth succession, estate planning, asset protection planning, special needs planning, retirement and elder care issues.


The principal of the firm is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with an Ivy League law degree and a Masters in Taxation.  


Over 30 years of experience representing individuals and businesses.

We get to know you and your family

The more we get to know you, your family and business, the better.  While most firms have forms and software, these tools  are not a substutute for understanding the needs of the client and the find planning opportunities.  It is only after understanding you, your family and business circumstances that can develop a tax efficient plan and present options.  We find that in many cases other practitioners provide generic advice without understanding the client's circumstances.

We speak in Plain English

Clients want answers in easily understandable terms.  We will explain complex concepts break down in a simple manner and won't try to confuse you with legalese or tax jargon.  We find that other professionals may confuse their client and made to feel embarrassed to ask questions.  We welcome questions. We find in many cases we can draw and explain options on a large whiteboard in our conference room so our clients can better visualize the plan.