Our Pledge

Commitment to Our Clients 

We pledge to do everything possible to  really listen to you! We know from personal experience that clients want an explanation of complex issues and solutions in a straight forward manner.  

We are committed to using our experience and expertise to lighten the burdens for our clients. 

We offer a helping hand at every step. 

We will guide you through the incredible complexities of tax law and will show you how to take advantage of what the system offers and how to avoid the many traps and pitfalls. We will be your mentor, your counselor, your navigator, your advisor — and hopefully your friend.  

We pledge to shelter as much money as legally and ethically possible for our clients. 

Unfortunately, the law is extremely complicated and is understood only by a very few. 

We focus our practice on taxation, estate planning and probate. 

We devote all of our time to the study and practice of the laws that allow people to keep as much of their money as possible instead of spending it on taxes. 

We are dedicated to insuring that our clients get to keep the most the law allows — but only strictly according to the law and the highest possible moral and ethical standards.  

Our performance record is superb — some would even say magical. But we don't do magic. We just take what the law gives us and apply it so that our clients benefit.